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Biography and career/development of Yussara Cunha

At 5 Years of age

Yussara Cunha began her training in the ballet in the „Academy Tute Forms “with the well-known Ballerina, director and teacher Tercia Meire Lopes in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

At 6 years of age

she already had her first public appearance on the TV Itacolomi - children’s program with André Carvalho. There she occupied the first place immediately.

At 9 years of age

she appeared in the photography test for the „Fundação Clovis Salgado“ (Palácio the Artes de Belo Horizonte). Her training took place there in jazz dance, in the classical ballet as well as in modern and Brazilian, traditional dances through professor Gilberto Alves.

At 16 years of age

she made public appearances in dance demonstrations in the Brazilian TV transmitter Alterosa as well as with many public and cultural meetings in Minas Gerais already with her own Choreography.

At 17 years of age

she was discovered by the well-known Fashion model and Choreographer Aurelius Bill for the Brazilian Fashion industry. The national newspaper „Setor cultural Do Jornal Estado de Minas“and the well-known journalist Geraldo Simões reported nearly weekly on her. The pictures for these articles were taken by the Brazilian STAR photographer Manoel Simões Neves.

At 18 years of age

Yussara Cunha became a jury member with the TV transmitter Alterosa for the program Calouros of Dirceu Pereira. Simultaneously successfully terminating her exams. Afterwards she completed the teachers training profession for the primary school in the „Escola Estadual ordem e Progresso“in Minas Gerais.

At 19-20-21-22 years of age

For four consecutive years she became prominent artist of the year of the Escola de Samba Bem Tivi with participation as „Destaque“ invited to the Carnival Samba Parades in Belo Horizonte- Brazil.

At 20 and 21 years of age

In Minas Gerais, the third largest city in Brazil, Yussara Cunha twice received the prominent trophy for the most beautiful and best model.

At 21 years of age

she was registered as one of the first ARTISTS in Brazil in SATED Minas and received the official certificate of occupation as a recognized Career artist.

At 22 years of age

Yussara won first place in a beauty competition organized by one of the most well known radio stations BH-FM. Connected with the event was a fashion show and dance demonstration hosted by the Brazilian STAR presenter Elke Maravilha.

At 23 years of age

Yussara Cunha successfully terminated her studies with the teaching profession in Romanist (Portuguese) and Annalistic at the University of UFMG (Unversidae Federal de Minas Gerais).

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