Soca Soca Soca

The Soca,

Has its origin from Soul and Calypso and from these initial letters also got its name. It was presented in the summer of 1990 in Europe and is an easier dance than the Lambada, due to its course of motion; one can call it an erotic cult society dance. The development of the Soca justifies itself on the one hand in the music of the Calypso. On the other hand one must go back further in history, in order to understand the Soca. The African stick dance „Kalinda“ reached Trinidad in 1830. In these fights mockery songs are sung, with which the opponent is mocked. In the course of time these songs of defamation and mockery during the English colonial times, was a political way for the newly freed slaves to protest against the colonial government. The Kalinda singers became „Chantrells“, and the songs are called „Karisos“ a different name for Calypso.

The Soca dance and its music

Through the mixture of Disco, Soul, Funk and Rap comes the first Soca. Soca is characterized opposite the Calypso by harder, „western“ sound; it is faster with more pressure. Also the lyrics speak a very clear language, always referring to certain political and social situations. Each year at Carnival time the Caribbean becomes a shop window of exotic costumes, dance and music. However it is also always connected with a political background.

My Soca Show

It is a part of my Caribbean show. This dance number is performed with the energetic fervor Soca rhythm and your guests of all age groups will become so enthusiastic they will want to join in the dance.

This performance is suitable for all functions, and your guests will not be able to resist the charm of the irresistible rhythm.

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