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Samba „Rio de Janeiro“

Is a mixture of Afro-Brazilian music with song and dance. The origin of the rural Sambas are thought to originate from the African ring dances. The urban Samba developed a set of Samba styles, since the first Samba composition in the mid twenties, for example: In the poorer areas of Rio de Janeiro, the Samba de Morro was developed and also the Samba Canção with emphasized feelings.

A fast beat and strong rhythm characterize the Samba styles, with pure percussion ensembles – the Samba Batucada, as well as colorful, large orchestras where many different instruments are played. At the end of the twenties the first Samba school was founded, an association was organized of the largest percussion ensemble for the Carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro. During the thirties and forties the Brazilian musicians made the Samba popular in the U.S and Europe. The Samba formed the foundation for the Bossa Nova and developed the style for the popular music of Brazil.

My Samba Show

I will bring you to the original Samba Carnival of Rio de Janeiro. Experience with me the Brazilian Samba Show with the scarce tangas of the Copacabana and the shimmering splendid costumes of the exotic Samba performance. This firework like joy of life will become an unforgettable experience.

If you wish, I also offer a combination of live percussionists, acrobatic combat dance, capoeira from Bahia de Salvador - together with our fiery Samba performance.

For the finale of the Samba Show if you so desire, I will kindly and charmingly request your guests to join them in a Polonaise, in order to give your guests the true feeling and experience of the original Samba Carnival of Rio de Janeiro.

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