• Hawaii-ShowHawaii

    My Hawaiian Show contains a variety of different Hula Dances. The Hula Dance is one of the oldest, typical musical dances from Hawaii. The Hula Dance is an on going tradition which is accompanied by drums and singing.

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  • South Sea-ShowSouth Seas

    Many of the exotically multicolored traditions of the South Seas have been kept until today. My performance will inspire your guests inevitably from the kindness and friendliness of humans in this part the world. Experience pure South Sea romance!

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  • Caribbean-ShowCaribbean

    I offer you with our dance performance the Caribbean Carnival. Whether Calypso, Soca-Dance, Limbo Dance, Bachata, Reggae, Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, Lambada, Live percussion, with a twist from the afro-Cuban rhythm.

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  • Limbo-ShowLimbo

    The breathtaking and merry Caribbean Limbo Show will bring the necessary momentum to your Conference or Function, since your guests will actively participate in the limbo competition.

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  • Pop Orient-ShowPop Orient

    This show will inspire you, especially due to its aesthetics and graceful form; the dancers will fascinate you with their performance. The dancers will magically bring you the fairy tale impressions of the Orient.

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  • Salsa-ShowSalsa

    The Salsa Show is a part of our Caribbean Show, in which you will be fascinated by the dancers performance of the Mambo and Salsa, with an excellent Caribbean „Buena Vista“ Experience, see, hear and feel the Salsa.

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  • Latin-ShowLatin

    My Latin Show can be combined with part of the Caribbean or Brazilian Show, due to the Cuban, Colombian and Brazilian musical influences and elements. A dynamic, colorful, and powerful show awaits you, with extraordinary costumes.

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  • Samba-ShowSamba

    I will bring you to the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro. Experience with us the Brazilian Samba with the scarce tangas of the Copacabana and the shimmering splendid costumes of the exotic beauties.

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  • Brazil-ShowBrazil

    My Show offers regional differences with variations from nearly all Federal Brazilian States, which also connect elements from the European, African and Indian cultures, which brings you a colorful, interesting and unique mixture.

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German Media Award

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