Dance Show Infos & Variations Dance Show Infos & Variations Dance Show Infos & Variations

On this page you will find my different dance show variations and Living Dolls and several surprise shows for your different occasions.

My Dance Show Variations - Examples

My mixed dance demonstrations are characterized by very varied Choreography and fascinating movements in harmony with old well-known and current, musical Top hits. "Intoxication of the senses" the different Dance Show sequences of these various dances and rhythmic elements will inspire your public.

  • Brazil Mix: Brazil - Samba - Batukada - Percussion - Capoeira
  • Tropical Mix: Brazil - Samba - Caribbian - Latin Show
  • Caribben Mix: Caribbian - Soca - Calypso - Salsa - Limbo
  • Globus Mix: Hawaii - Caribbian - Latin - Brazil - Samba - Pop Orient
  • Oriental Mix: Pop Orient - Pop Arabic Flamenco oriental Show
  • South sea Mix: Polynesian - Melanesian - Micronesian & Hawaii

A beautiful tradition: If you need the suitable "Flower Lei" and / or "Coconuts" for the greeting of your guests with the motto of the South Seas or Hawaii naturally you may order these from me.

Living Doll

I offer different Living Dolls to you for your events, publicity campaigns, presentations, fair appearances, product presentations and promotions. The Living Dolls serve you as a public magnet or as a special eye catcher for the guest arrival. Already before the event your guests will have the fitting Impression for the following event. Select the motto: Tropical, Brazil, Samba, the South Seas, Hawaii, Polynesian, Caribbean, Latin or Orient – always suitably corresponding to your event.

Pleasure/charm e.g. a birthday child

For birthdays, weddings or special honors I recommend my surprise package (contents; A dancer). They present the gift completely unexpectedly. Naturally the package should be opened directly. My surprise is perfect, if during the gift opening suddenly a dancer shows up. Naturally you can select the costume of the Motto, or simply ask me and I am more than happy to advise you.

My Christmas celebration with a special surprise

With my "Christmas Santa Show" the Santa will begin with the distribution of the gifts for your coworkers or guests, made available by you. Under the Santa costumes are hiding the dancer in such exotic costumes as Brazilian, Samba, Oriental, Hawaiian or Latin American costumes. After the gift delivery the Santa’s get rid of the Christmas costumes and begin the Show of your choice. The surprise with the guests is naturally perfect.

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