Salsa Salsa Salsa

The brand name of the Creole culture

One does not celebrate it but lives it. Salsa is the collective term for modern Latin American music forms. In the Salsa stylistic developments of the popular music of Cuba became, the Mambo as well as the music of Puerto Rico which was developed in the U.S.A and continues in Venezuela and Columbia. The designation was used for the first time in the 60's for new Cuban dance music, which was developed in the Latin American areas of New York.

When black and white united in the Spanish colonies, this developed - a mixed Creole product of Spanish and African traditions. The verse and stringed instruments came from the Spaniards, and from the former slaves the percussion and rhythm.

A typical Salsa band consists of several singers, several wind instruments, piano, bass and many different Percussion instruments. Musical characteristics are among other things the typical rhythmic dominance of Percussion, bass and piano. Besides New York and Miami, Colombia, Venezuela and Puerto Rico are the centers of the internationally popular Salsa, which developed a number of different categories during the 70's.

The name Salsa comes from the Spanish and means simply, sauce or spice, and that is the most appropriate term that one could give to this music. From the mixture of the afro Caribbean and Latin American origins with the Rock and the jazz of the north Americans a music style was developed, which by far is not a passing modern feature, but it has musical direction for all ages and classes.

The dance and its philosophy

The dance and the music is an expression of art, to be loved, hated, to feel the everyday existence of life, without being protected, fully by the sun, wind and sea, a horizon a far sky wonderfully blue, wraps around us our true hope of the Caribbean. (Domingo Alvarez)

The national Cuban poet Nicolás Guillé described the Salsa most appropriately "Ringing rum to drink with the ears".

My Salsa Show - Hot and Spicy!

My Salsa Show is a part of our Caribbean Show, in which you will be fascinated by my performance of the Mambo and Salsa, with an excellent Caribbean "Buena Vista" Experience, see, hear and feel the Salsa through the dance and its rhythm, the people where born with this deep inside, and when the Spanish united with the African traditions in the Caribbean this mixture of Creole developed the Salsa.

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