Limbo Limbo Limbo

The Limbo

Is an acrobatic folkdance, originating from the West Indies Trinidad, where the dancers bend their bodies back from the knees and with shuffling dance steps move their way underneath a transverse bar. Each time they pass underneath, the bar is lowered 30 cm, so that the dance gradually becomes difficult, making the acrobatic movement’s necessary.

Caribbean Animation Show

My show will leave simply nobody cold, due to the mixed combination of Caribbean dance, and impressive limbo acrobatics. The breathtaking and merry Caribbean Limbo Show will bring the necessary momentum to your Conference or Function, since your guests will actively participate in the limbo competition. Joy and enthusiasm are pre-programmed if an additional attractive prize is offered as an incentive.

After the award ceremony toward the end of the show, when the atmosphere of the guests is at the highest point, I will invite the audience to form a large Polonaise together.

My Caribbean – Limbo Show without fire

In this show will be the different Caribbean Dances are linked together to form a spectacular, colorful, joyful performance. The high point of the show is a low bar, and without fire will be danced underneath. The bar will be lowered each time.

This Show performance is not only acrobatic, but vivacious and explosive.

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